tell me don’t g…

tell me don’t give up. tell me there’s someone out there.

~Tell Me, He is We




by: cake

in the heart, cry for time
flowing river to ocean’s line
despair fills my heart with song
of captivated pouring dawn

the crossing of stars and empty fates
of seas and mountain’s lakes
falling tears of broken dreams
far from reaching the seams

i call of visions ahead
filled with rapture but instead
beckoning unknown cannot spare
scales of memories’ lair

cannot win a war not fought
keep waiting until sought
forever comes swiftly to glasshours
and sands run freely, no bars

thinking minds into bleak
the coldness of night seek
longing creeps unnoticed, unmoved
crumpling roses as proved

but days of jovial sweetness
to the words of honey caresses
melt the crystal to shards of light
fluttering beating fills the sight

the heart knows in mind’s ignorance
to wait in sorrow’s dance
key to lock is beyond reach
but pray it falls in wind’s breach

the match is not made
open to close the miles laid