i fear the darkness
and the sorrows, emptiness with it
the pain i feel
greater than any burden
the melancholic silence
that ties me
leaving deep marks
the fear of the unseen
that crawls deep within my skin
but what do i really fear?
the darkness that blinds me
or the mystery hiding beneath
for now i cannot answer
but i must not come any nearer
or suffer being the captive of the unseen

Daily Prompt: Fear Factor


Almost Dead

Daily Prompt: Close Call

alone i was in the
long, silent, ominous road
muster all courage to walk through
out of the blue i heard
scratching boots on earth
taking a curious look, i saw
dagger pointed at me
examine the face behind the mask
alone i was again
dagger bloody in my hand

Children’s Ward

Daily Prompt: Playtime

in my head i am running along the grasses
not giving a care for any passes
i swoop down the green, green meadow
and find my hiding fellow

we hop along the buttercups
while chasing around our little pups
laughing, squealing with tinkling glee
like all the young children should be

but that is only in my creative mind
for inside i cannot find
the strength to go outside and play
in this hospital bed i stay

all i have are books, papers and a pen
with these bare things i open
the world so far i cannot go
but no worry for you, i am happy even so

First Love


it started out with oslo paper
but i don’t think he remembers
my simple crush for him has grown
into something that is unknown

his face, his eyes, i don’t know why
makes my heart stop as he passes by
my mind stops and functions slower
everytime, over and over

for the first time i felt this way
words flooding i couldn’t say
in my life, he’s the sole person
who makes me cry for no reason

complicated as algebra
just like physics formula
confusing as E=mc2
cupid didn’t let me be spared

difficult to keep, hard to hide
everytime he’s near, just beside
things might just go from bad to worse
is this love a spell or a curse?

Legend 021608

i watch the dark skies
one great story lies
beneath tree so tall
see shooting stars fall
losing its bright glow
like one poor, old soul
he committed sin
loving one unseen
death came passing by
gone his life and lie
through time he waited
for love unfated
but tonight i see
one love meant to be
beneath tree so tall
two, true, pure hearts fall

Last Glimpse of an Angel 120407


just seeing his face
makes me want to stay
it’s my last solace
for love i can’t say

fate has pitied me
death loomed over me
waiting silently
so he can take me

but angel passed by
looked at me and smiled
death also came by
and the church bells chimed

regrets flooded in
so thus happiness
mixed feelings within
with touch of sadness

people cried for me
i would never know
they were beside me
if life still run so

he was sitting there
with eyes so cold
sorrow with each stare
grim a thousandfold

the last glimpse of him
full of grief and pain
it takes over him
makes him cry in vain

i’m saddened by this
but i cannot stay
i gave my last kiss
and words i can’t say

“My angel, i love you and i always will.
i may not be here but somehow, someday,
my love will find a way.”