Last Glimpse of an Angel 120407


just seeing his face
makes me want to stay
it’s my last solace
for love i can’t say

fate has pitied me
death loomed over me
waiting silently
so he can take me

but angel passed by
looked at me and smiled
death also came by
and the church bells chimed

regrets flooded in
so thus happiness
mixed feelings within
with touch of sadness

people cried for me
i would never know
they were beside me
if life still run so

he was sitting there
with eyes so cold
sorrow with each stare
grim a thousandfold

the last glimpse of him
full of grief and pain
it takes over him
makes him cry in vain

i’m saddened by this
but i cannot stay
i gave my last kiss
and words i can’t say

“My angel, i love you and i always will.
i may not be here but somehow, someday,
my love will find a way.”